Baturalp Yılmaz

Photographer Istanbul, TR

During his education, Baturalp Yılmaz was introduced to digital photography, one of the new trends of art, and he produced many works in this field.


The artist, who turned to the field of fashion photography after his education, continues to work and give works in this field.


Our artist, who has worked as a graphic designer, retoucher, camera assistant and director of photography for many music videos and advised to other artists, draws attention with his versatility.


The artist makes personal art projects as well as commercial fashion photographs.

Baturalp tries to capture the natural flow of the moment he tries to reflect in his photographs, that is, the real living photograph, and put himself in the photograph.

Baturalp Yılmaz assists some of the successful photographers of Turkey.

In addition, the artist continues to work on magazines, campaigns and personal projects.

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