Enes Günler

Photographer Istanbul, TR

Enes Günler, who worked in advertising agencies and met photography on the field is the youngest photographer of the EHEMM family.

He has worked as a photographer's assistant for over five years and has specialized in studio-based product photography.

He explains the most important values ​​in photography as light and composition throughout his professional life.


Enes, who preferred to do most of his work in the studio is ready to create dynamic product-based photography works.



"In my opinion, the mastery of capturing the moment is the ability to visually edit the images seen through the viewfinder and make instant decisions in a very short time."

"I compare taking photos with hunting, but I often find myself in the kitchen as cooker."

"It has always been a pleasure for me to be younger than my other colleagues in most of the photo sets I've been in."

"This youth is a whip that reminds me not to get tired, it will always take me one step further."

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