Hilal Bas

Director Photographer, Istanbul TR

Artist was born in 1996, Istanbul. Her interest in arts has existed since a very young age. 

An initial passion for cinema and photography has started with a love for darkroom and early experiments with negative, 35mm, and medium format.


From those times, she has always tried to shoot moments and people as a coping mechanism against the transience of time crippling her. 



She sees photography and film as the visual version of poems and thinks each moment has its own fairytale. She continues to improve herself both in theory and practice on photography and cinematography and pushing ‘’rec’’ with love.


Hilal continues to think and produce on photography and video and currently lives in Istanbul.


Simple moments become imbued with contentment and appreciation for life and are forever suspended in time and in her memory.

Photography has helped shape the way she sees the world and better appreciate the memories.

‘’I see I hear I film’’ video project centres around A and E, as A speaks openly about the sudden and tragic loss of her lifelong partner.


A ’s recollections are intertwined with footage of choreography which shows us their intimacy and love. She likes to put different disciplines of art into her works.


‘’Love Triangle’’ shows us the tension between two women and a very confused man. She likes to present cliches with different visual expression options.