Ibrahim Asar

Photographer Eskisehir, TR

Ibrahim Asar, is a photographer, taking inspiration from people of their cosmopolitian and diversity gave rise to the colorful series.

Artist works could be described as documentary mixed with the fictional world of cinema and fashion, which creates a powerful link between reality, fantasy and desire.

Ibrahim Aşar, who specializes in concept creations that attract the attention of the audience and arouse curiosity, also conducts video works as well as photography.




He situates his friend and family within fictional interior tableaus, which would make the viewer think that the pictures were spontaneous shots of someone's everyday life when they were in fact carefully staged and planned beforehand. 


Photographs would then give a sense of heightened drama to the passers-by accidental poses, unintended movements, and insignificant facial expressions. He is much more interested in someone’s soul in the same way and much more interested in someone’s capacity for fiction or playing a character. 

“I've always been excited about taking pictures of what I want to see, rather than photographing what I see.”


"Arousing the feeling of being an insider and outsider to someone else's life from a close enough angle to begin to understand others and  even the sense of the thing stay out of outside can contain aesthetically many diversity compared to the things being inside the circle, even being remain of the inside circle can not be able to be  fairly appreciated, is my main vigorous impulsive in making photography."