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EHEMM film awards

We are pleased to introduce EHEMM film awards to the art and entertainment sector!

EHEMM film awards aim to accelerate the establishment of the bridge between filmmakers and new generation audiences with the help of technology.


Best animation film
Best live-action selection
Best series selection
Best documentary selection
Best music video selection
Best fashion film selection
Best dance film selection
Best branded content selection
Best experimental film selection


Winners got a chance to get consultancy service from our professional filmmaker team

Winner films got a chance to stream on our web page and social media profiles


Rules & Terms:

Do you accept both short & feature films?

Yes. We consider anything under 25 minutes a short film, between 25 to 40 minutes medium-length films, and over 40 minutes a feature film.

How long until I hear back?

Once submitted, the CHEYNI curation team will respond to your submission within 10 days.

What if my film is already online?

Not a problem. We do not require exclusivity or premiere status to feature your film.

Can I submit my unreleased film?

Yes, be sure to include the password in the submissions form so we can watch it.

My film is still on its festival run and not ready for an online release yet. Do I have to wait until it is submitted?

Yes, your film should be available for public screening to join EHEMM film awards. 

Will you definitely feature my film?

We're very selective about the works we choose to feature, so submission never guarantees EHEMM film awards.

When will my film be featured?

Our online screening awards ceremony will release on September 12, 2022.

What copyright clearances do you require?

By submitting your film to EHEMM film awards, you attest that the work in question is not in breach of any copyright and that all required intellectual property rights have been adhered to.

How will EHEMM film awards promote my work?

As well as being featured on our public web page, your film will be added to our newsletter and shared across our social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). We also suggest that you do the same across your accounts and get cast, crew, friends and family to pitch in spreading the word too.

Can I get feedback?

Sorry, EHEMM film awards do not offer a feedback service for submissions.

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