Merve Atıcı

Photographer Istanbul, TR

The artist likes to use the natural reflections and light plays that exist in life in his photography works.

It reflects the individual outward strokes of contrasts and thus prepares the ground for the audience's attention to remain in the images it creates for a long time.

Sometimes she fictionalizes a movie frame or scenes that evoke a dream and tells this with her photographs. In this context, the source of inspiration is life's own story.

Being one of the most competent artists in concept creation, Merve Atıcı comes to the forefront with her point-to-point works in achieving the target goal in image creation with thematic concepts and powerful fictions.


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Merve Atici is a fashion photographer living in Istanbul. Her photos have appeared in BeStyle, Shuba Magazine, Solis Magazine, Elegant magazine, Killjoy magazine, and Vogue Italy.


She loves to dream and feeds on it. She believes that he transports the emotions together with the images by freezing what is happening around her and recording them as photographs.

After studying advertising, artist worked with various agencies and magazines.

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She studied fashion photography at Istanbul Fashion Academy and established the foundations of the art of photography on the basis of thematic fashion photography production. She is currently working with various brands and magazines.