Rengim Mutevellioglu

Photographer, New York USA

Rengim Mutevellioglu is a documentary and portrait photographer who studied Fine Arts in Paris and her work has been featured and exhibited in cities all over the world.


Her experience in the industry encompasses a variety of fields that gives her a unique perspective to work in international magazines and news agencies as well as commercial clients with her portraiture.

Our artist, who has clever and cunning artistic frames, can work on many sincere and cheery emotions of daily life.

Rengim produces videos as well as photographs and currently lives in New York.



Rengim always seeks to find the levity and understand in every moment.


Inviting an immersive quality to the viewing experience and a sense of feeling of belonging to the moment.

With the ultimate goal to document and portray, Rengim photographs people and their lived surroundings to give the viewer the chance to connect.


She strives to capture every subject’s individual dignity by accurately and respectfully engaging with them. By giving them a voice through her photography, her work bases itself on empathy and understanding.