Sermin Dakak

Director, Photographer Istanbul, TR

Sermin Dakak is an Istanbul based documentary, portrait, and fashion photographer who studied Cinema and Television before her photography practice where she expresses herself most accurately.


She produces in the field of documentary, fashion, and portrait photography.

Our dynamic and young artist has the potential to make strong productions in the commercial and photography industry with her stylized frames.


Her photographs aim to make the invisible visible, to reveal what is isolated, and to take out the objects she sees in nature from their context and to establish a spiritual connection with them.


“I’m looking for the invisible, invisible hidden details in the chaos that surrounds us: A broken umbrella, a chair leaning against the wall, a glove waiting on the sidewalk.”


According to Sermin Dakak, fashion photography has the power to represent different social groups as genders or races visually and recreate expectations of society related to the appearance of those groups.


At that point, her aim is to present photography without standardization and expectations towards the groups.